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Birthday: July 7

Hi, my name is Maria! I just love everything about horses. My idea of a perfect day is going horseback riding through the pine forests where I can breathe in fresh air and the smell the beautiful aroma of nature.

Favorite Food: Pineapples

Favorite Animal: Horse

Size: 43cm X 12cm

  • ·       Handcrafted with 100% high quality cotton 
  • ·       Knitted by the loving hand of expert artisans
  • ·       Meticulously stitched for long-lasting use 
  • ·       Soft and cuddly fabric: no fray or ruffle 
  • ·       Inner cotton polyester: fiber high elasticity
  • ·       Ideal weight for perfect cuddling 
  • ·       Safety standard certified from age 0 + your purchase, a child in rural Vietnam will have access to school supplies and a school lunch for 1 week.  You are providing a little helping hand to a very appreciative child.