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Giving Back

Giving Back

Through your purchases, La Manina Dolls helps provide educational assistance to children in rural Vietnam 

Children living in poverty

Breaking the chain of children poverty by providing educational opportunities to impoverished children in rural areas 

Giving child hope and dreams that they can build on and act on 

Unlocking the potential of each and every child by providing the necessary academic skills needed for success. 

Offering  English language education classes to children in rural villages that otherwise would never have these opportunities 

Proving financial support to help schools provide food for students in impoverished schools 

All children are entitled to an education that will help to lift them out of poverty and into a world of prosperity 

La Manina has partnered with Volunteer house Vietnam and Save the Children Vietnam, to  provide two children with our special "helping hand educational pouch”, for every doll purchased. Each pouch contains basic school supplies including a pencil, notebook, a ruler, eraser and markers. Also, through our partnerships, La Manina contributes a percentage of each sale to the building of schools in rural Vietnam.  Volunteer House Vietnam.                                               

Through your purchases, La Manina Dolls helps provide educational assistance to children in rural Vietnam. We are dedicated to helping children break free from the struggles of poverty.






Lending a helping hand


For every La Manina Doll sold, we will donate a percentage of the proceeds to Volunteer House Vietnam and Save the Children. Your purchase will provide children with our special Helping Hand Educational Pouch with school supplies such as paper, books, pens and pencils, clothing, etc.

English Education for Children
  • Offering English education classes for children in rural communities and villages.
  • The goal is to have classes available throughout rural Vietnam by 2020
Professional Development
  • Teaching adults various skills including management and leadership
  • Teaching practical computer skills
Charity and Donating Presents
  • Distributing holiday cakes and presents to poor and homeless people during the autumn festival celebrations.
  • Donating school supplies and food to the most impoverished schools
"A child without education is like a bird without wings" -Tibetan Proverb