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Our Story

La Manina Dolls (The Little Hand) was founded with the idea of creating loving, adorable and cuddly dolls with the desire to help educate children in Vietnam and eventually worldwide. 

We have partnered with a team of expert artisans in Vietnam in order to create La Manina Dolls that are colorful, beautiful and a sheer joy to hold and hug. The founders of La Manina are dedicated to protecting the rights of our workers by providing a fair wage and good working conditions with a product that is sustainable and of exceedingly high quality.

With our background in education, we strongly believe in the greater social responsibility and the need of helping children who are not as fortunate as our own. With every purchase you make, you will be helping a child in need of education and sustenance. We will donate a percentage of every sale to help those who need it most.

We are excited and proud to offer our handmade, high quality dolls that will provide your child with a cuddly toy while at the same time  provide less fortunate children with an opportunity to learn and thrive.

Loving handmade dolls that lend a helping hand