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Canadian Distributor for Fair Trade, Sustainable, Hand Crafted Dolls, Toys and More!

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

By Loving Hands

La Manina Dolls are created by the loving hands of our artisans in Vietnam. Each La Manina product is hand sewed, woven and stitched by designers with years of expertise. We are proud and delighted to offer you and your children a soft and cuddly doll that is an absolute pleasure to hold and hug.

Aesthetically Beautiful

From inception to creation, each La Manina product is carefully and lovingly designed with premium yarn and aesthetically soothing colors that give this little bundle of yarn a loving character that will remain in your family for many, many years .

Guarantee & Returns


100% satisfaction guaranteed

If you are child isn’t satisfied with their doll, you may exchange the doll for a comparable product*

*Exchanges are only accepted for dolls that haven't been soiled, damaged, or dirtied. Exchanges can be made for dolls of an equal value. If you wish to exchange for a doll of greater value, the difference will be charged. Additionally, shipping fees will be borne by the customer.